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Soul of My Voice

I am pleased to announce that my newest book, Soul of My Voice, is now available at and This text was written as a workbook/journal to accompany my first book, Soul of Voice published in 2016. However, Soul of My Voice is just as effective as a stand alone book, chuck full of essays, poems, quotes, photos, writing prompts and mandalas. Happy reading (and writing, and coloring, etc.)!!

Speaking Up at the Workplace

keep_calm_speak_up-resized-600 “All too often, behind failed products, broken processes, and mistaken decisions are people who chose to hold their tongues rather than to speak up.”

(Leslie Perlow and Stephanie Williams in an article entitled “Is Silence Killing Your Company?” HBR, May 2003)

Speaking up at work can sometimes be problematic. If our ideas or beliefs run contrary to our colleagues or business’s mission statement, we may be afraid of being ridiculed, ostracized, or, even worse, let go. Yet, it is often the voice outside the status quo which can turn a company around, cause it to reinvent itself, or find a new path toward growth potential. What’s worse, when one doesn’t speak up, he or she often becomes disenchanted with his or her job and turns instead towards sarcasm, complaining and just plain bad-mouthing their boss, organization and/or  those around them—the dark underbelly or shadow side of speaking up.

James Thomas in his internet article entitled “The Courage to Speak Up” (February 8, 2013) avers that courage alone is not enough to help us through these difficult waters. He encourages us to develop two skill sets to ensure our message is not only delivered but received with as much safety to our job and person as possible. He suggests we nurture 1) reflective skills to help guide decisions as to what to share and where to share it and 2) language and communication skills to help us launch difficult conversations without damaging workplace relationships. He states, “We can each spend a lifetime of disciplined practice and persistent reflection towards mastering the skills. What could be [nobler] than spending time developing the very skills that we need to encourage and support a healthy culture of collaboration and make more consistently virtuous personal contributions to our organization and communities?”

What I have experienced is that the more I speak up with kindness and conviction, the more courageous I become in my endeavors to speak the truth of my being. By doing so, I move toward a greater place of integrity and authenticity, not only in the workplace, but in all my day to day activities and relationships.