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Hum … Aum

Humming holds within it the powerful promise of transformation. Air from the deepest recesses of one’s soul travels up the windpipe, causing the vocal folds to vibrate, which in turn gives the entire body a most deserved massage.  This vibratory impulse quickens the nervous system, revs up one’s circulation, and the flow of one’s being is met within the flow of the universe. Then a tone emanates—either familiar or created in that instant. The phoneme rides the raft of emotion on the river of the imagination, and all for that brief moment seems right with the world.


Some people find the same thing to be true when they whistle, or sing nonsense syllables such as tra-la-la or doo-be-doo. I prefer the hum. My voice trembles with the sounds of the insect world, the breathing pattern of my pugs, and the electrical current running through my refrigerator. I hum an accompaniment to the life within my home and feel its spirit of warmth and aliveness within my soul.

Objects have energy, and when I quiet my mind and listen carefully, I get in touch with the hum of that power. I hum fragments of old tunes, catchy commercial jingles and made-up little ditties. They are usually either warm and caressing or spirited and lilting. My body quivers in harmony to my hum, and I feel it from the soles of my feet to the ends of my head hairs. I am abuzz with the power of all Creation.