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Happy Birthday Salutes

Every once in a while I enjoy surfing the web to discover who has a birthday on a particular day. I did that this morning and was giggling to myself as I saw not only Peter Gabriel but also the late Tennessee Ernie Ford. I believe I giggled because of the immense playfulness and artful exuberance of Peter Gabriel’s video and live performances and the rich baritone and silliness of Tennessee Ernie Ford, who always blesses my “little pea-pickin’ heart!”

Peter Gabriel’s compositions, like “In Your Eyes”, remind me of our global responsibilities as artists. And even though the challenges of today’s planet can sometimes seem daunting, Gabriel’s inspirational compositions and singing voice allow one to feel that anything is possible! It’s the same feeling I get when I hear Tennessee Ernie sing “Sixteen Tons.” The lyrics speak of the poor laborer who “owes his soul to the company store.” Probably a good analogy would be that of today’s 21st century American owing his or her soul to the bank mortgage or credit card balance—no matter how much you work or pay, you still owe. Yet, he sings with such richness and joy-filled positivity, one feels that they, too, can get a jump on things.

Happy Birthday to you guys! I am grateful for your social consciousness, big hearts, and superb musicianship!!