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Become the Gardener of Your Own Voice

As with every year about this time I begin to feel an itch for working in my garden. The sun had finally come out and the soil is enriched by its afternoon warmth. I live in a high desert climate, so even though the spring days are brilliant, the nights can still dip down to freezing. It is a dangerous time to be a primrose in the Rogue Valley. In our enthusiasm we amateur gardeners spend the first clear day planting as if summer was just around the corner, but unfortunately it is not.

flower garden

I don’t know how many times I have planted too early and lost my flower to an April night’s freeze. There is a time for preparing the soil, for planting the seeds, or nurturing the seedlings with water and sunshine, for protecting the new growth from hungry insects and animals, not to mention human foot traffic, and for appreciating the full beauty and bounty of that which we have planted.