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Tending Your Vocal Garden

preparing soil

When planting in the Master Garden of one’s vocal expression, one has to first prepare the soil. In fact, in many ways the soil itself is what prepares the master gardener. What is the soil of the self expressive vocalist? Tough question, easy answer. The vocalist herself is the soil of her own expression.

The soil in which a person draws inspiration for vocal expression is their biography, their culture, the various important events of their life, their hopes and beliefs, and their vision and dreams of the future. Therefore, in order to prepare soil, one must do a thorough investigation of their life, their environment, and their anticipated imaginings.

This isn’t always easy work, for not only does it ask one to look at the joyful and instructive moments of one’s life, it also asks one to look at the traumas, the difficulties, and the hurts. In fact, it is in the dark places of our very being where lies the most fertile ground of our vocal expression; in other words, the manure.

Once that investigation is made, one can then turn the soil of their own vocal expression garden over and over, mixing all elements together in preparation for the work ahead. Now your garden has the possibility of displaying blossoms of thousands of colors, not merely a few. Plus, the garden will be unique, authentic and truly one’s own!