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Watering Your Vocal Garden

Water is the energy we give to our expressive vocal gardens. It is the oxygen that fuels the seeds in order to allow them to turn into seedlings. We feed our garden internally from the hard work accomplished by way of preparing the soil—externally from the good things we do to bring health and nourishment to our hopes and dreams of a fully potentialized vocal expression.


One of the best things we can do for ourselves is drink water. It is so important to hydrate the voice, and, of course, the more one uses the voice, the more hydration is needed. What dehydrates us is everything from caffeine and sugar to stress and a lack of sleep. If one wishes to have a healthy voice, they have to work at it. The garden of our vocal expression needs an attentive gardener who makes sure we do not do anything harmful to its possibility of a liberated fruition. The gardener (that’s us) stands guard against fungus, disease and insects, as well as gives special focus to health and nourishment by watering and feeding appropriately. Only then can the garden of our vocal expression be all that we hope is can be!

Planting Seeds

Once we have prepared the soil of our expressive garden of the voice, it is time to lay the seeds of possibilities. If what I wish to acquire is vocal freedom, then I must plant the seeds of that vision. Those seeds are equal to the small but vital exercises we plant into our vocal garden to facilitate a stronger, healthier and more emotionally accessible voice. These exercises can be thought of as several varieties of vegetation—the seeds of breath support, the seeds of perfect intonation, the seeds of easy movement between registers, the seeds of range extension, the seeds of vocal timbre or tone color, and the seeds of emotional conveyance.

planting seeds

The more we attend to the planting of these seeds, the closer we arrive at full vocal expression. In my own vocal garden I plant seeds daily so that I have the best chance that nature and time can give me of using my voice to its fullest potential. Freedom of expression comes with practice and diligence. With my seeds firmly planted in the fertile soil of my emotional preparation, I am ready to move on to the next step in actualizing the wholeness of my expressive voice.