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Your voice is one of your soul's fundamental vehicles for creative self-expression.

The Expressive Voice Dynamics 7-Step Program will help you to express the truth of who you are.

Unlock the Power: Harness Your Voice for Dynamic Self-Expression!

"The voice is the muscle of the soul!" - Roy Hart

Accepting your gift

Discover your voice's truest gift in our vocal course! Embrace individuality, find self-acceptance, and explore authentic expression through dynamic vocal techniques. Empower yourself to unleash your unique vocal brilliance!

Freedom in action

Unlock vocal freedom through actionable steps: identify blocks caused by abuse, channel energy wisely, expand vocal range, embrace vulnerability, personalize performances, conquer fears, and commit to growth. Experience authentic expression as a unique vocal artist!


Discover who you are with radical introspection, self-reflection, and transformative self-inventory. Explore vocal strengths, identify areas for growth, and harness the full potential of your expressive voice. Empower your artistry!

Reveal Your Expressive Voice

7 Steps for Authentic Communication

Let this book empower you to move beyond what you know to be your voice's current expression. The experiences, exercises and systems laid out in this book will help you understand and utilize your gifts even further. Paired with our Expressive Voice Dynamics course, the book helps give you a deeper dive into the souls of those who have bravely forged a path to share their unique vocal gifts and talents with the world.

Unique Steps

Workshops taught


Confidently Flex Your Soul with creator and hostess,

Gwendolyn Overland, PhD

"Experience the transformative power of your voice!"

Gwendolyn Overland is a proficient and dynamic instructor with a background in psychology and extensive stage experience!

She holds bachelor and graduate degrees in music performance, an MFA in Acting and a PhD from UCLA in Theatre Arts. Her dissertation was on the international opera stage director and designer Jean-Pierre Ponnelle. She also holds graduate degrees from Meridian University in clinical psychology.

Gwendolyn leads Expressive Voice Dynamics workshops internationally and maintains a private expressive voice studio in beautiful Southern Oregon. Gwendolyn’s private and group sessions are for everyone seeking artistic and/or creative self-expression―for those who want to open themselves to their voices and thereby to themselves and their world. Through the playful sound of vowels and consonants in improvisations and focused exercises, trust in vocal capacities is reawakened. Unimagined possibilities of range, color, power, and meaning emerge.

In addition, she maintains acting and stage directing careers, holding a union affiliation with Actors Equity Association. She also writes fiction under the name Gwen Overland and pseudonym Cunigunda Valentine.

What Others are Saying

"The content of this course is truly a gift from a master teacher."

I love this course! It is now an important resource in my own vocal study and in my teaching studio. This is a course I will revisit again and again. Gwen gives a powerful perspective and valuable tools that allow the singer and/or teacher to dive deeper into the vocal experience - offering an opportunity to bring forth a clear, authentic, and transformative expression of self. Overland pulls from her vast knowledge of acting, singing, and psychology to share insightful exercises that can be practiced immediately. The case study format, along with Gwen's own intimate viewpoint, lends itself to a practical, yet sensitive application of the work. The content of this course is truly a gift from a master teacher.

Tricia Leines - Voice Instructor, Singer, Actress, Public Speaker

"Her words are coming from a woman who has done the work, and lets the Self work."

"Soul of Voice" by Gwen Overland is a fine book, a book of intelligence, learning and emotional connection. Her deep understanding of voice and abuse, and the healing of this area that we all share is amazing. This book will delight you. It is a pleasure to read because she makes the language so accessible, and you get to meet these characters that she's helped. Her book is a walk through something special. Her words are coming from a woman who has done the work, and lets the Self work, work with those she coaches. Through the book she enlightens you and shares examples of her unique work and their healing. See a side of yourself and others by exploring along with these stories - an "A" for Ms. Overland's book, and her voice!

Steve Dreben - on the Overland System in "Soul of Voice"

"Her words are coming from a woman who has done the work, and lets the Self work."

"A deeply therapeutic approach... holistic and effectively grounded by real-world examples"

[Overland's] system outlines different approaches and impediments to expanding one’s vocal capacity. Each step focuses on a different theme: the “blocks” that keep one from “manifesting full vocal expression”; the necessary energy for the same; finding one’s full vocal range; connecting to emotion and passion; finding the meaning in what one is expressing; finding courage; and embracing liberation... Throughout these chapters, the author tends to alternate between spiritual admonishments on the relationship between the soul and the voice, and practical advice for overcoming bad vocal habits and improving technique... [Overland] has a deeply therapeutic approach, as reflected in her concern for psychic barriers, physical and emotional trauma, and the voice as an expression of the inner self. Still, the approach is holistic and effectively grounded by real-world examples... Overall, this book will be an enriching read for those in search of useful vocal therapy techniques.

Kirkus Reviews - on the Overland System in "Soul of Voice"

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